2017 Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Pop Up Camper for UTV/ATV

Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Pop Up UTV/ATV Camper

Hi-Standard Outfitter's has manufactured the first Off-Road Pop Up Style Camper designed specifically for towing by a UTV (Side by Side) or full size ATV (Quad). It's lightweight aluminum design, brings in the M1 base model at just over 400 Lbs. Its slim profile is engineered for access to tight backroads and trails that Jeeps and Trucks cannot easily access.

The Ghost is the perfect Bug-Out Camper to lightly whisk away and disappear into the element with your quad or side by side. Ideal fit for campers, hunters, fishers, ranchers, and just about any outdoor application. Equipped with off-road tires and heavy duty components to make your Ghost M1 ready to handle any terrain in any season.

There is also a large selection of Add-Ons and Accessories to help you customize your Ghost Tactical Off-Road Pop Up Camper to fit your personal wants and needs. Be sure to visit the Online Demo Page to see images and video of how to set up and tear down your Ghost M1. Or check out the Ghost M1 in use in the Gallery or on Hi-Standard Outfitters Social Media accounts. Upload your own images using #GhostM1 #GhostCamping or #GhostCamper for a chance to be featured on our page!

Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Pop Up UTV/ATV Camper

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