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Beaver Tooth Chain Breaker

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Hi-Standard's compact and lightweight Beaver Tooth chain breaker design makes it ideal for any off-road motorcycle rider to carry. Weighing in at just over 2 ounces with dimensions 1.250 x 1.00 x .650 makes it easily compactable in any type of camo-back, or storage compartment. You can even attach it to your brake line if you choose not to carry a bag, or just for quick access during a race. This chain breaker was created in the early 70′s, and has been sold in Jonny Campbell Racing’s riding tool kit. We now offer it manufacturer direct to you, without having to purchase the entire JCR Kit. This chain breaker is compatible with chain size #520 (with or without o-ring) and smaller, and can be used with the combination of a 17mm and 10mm wrench. The chain breaker has been CNC machined from 1018 Carbon Steel with a Black Oxide finish.

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