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External Side Compartment - Honda Pioneer 1000 Center Console (Black Powder Coat Finish)

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Hi-Standard Outfitters brings you the Honda Pioneer 1000 Center Console  External Side Compartment designed to fit Hi-Standard Outfitters Honda Pioneer Center Console. 

**This product works with the Under Dash Storage Unit (ITEM # 08L71-HL4-F00) which comes stock on LE models or can be purchased for any Pioneer 1000 model**

This External Side Compartment Add On is manufactured from 1/8" thick Aluminum, yielding a external storage pocket of 7.125" x 2.125" x 6.125". The bottom is lined with a 1/16" neoprene rubber mat for protection of items, and noise/rattling of items. It is designed to fit with the Under Dash Storage Unit in place, and doesnt require any addition hardware or mounting points that aren't already utilized by the Hi-Standard Outfitters Center Console. There is an optional hole that can be drilled thru into the center console for additionally secured mounting if desired.  This item is ideal for quick access sidearm, wallet, phone storage while in the vehicle.  It also has a black semi-gloss powder coat finish matching the center console. 

Each box includes:

  • Mounting Recommendations/Instructions
  • Optional Hardware for secure mounting
  • Free Hi-Standard Outfitters Stickers

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