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Jeep Hinge Support Bracket (Set of 2)

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The stock rear door hinge on the 2007-2015 Jeep JK series (X, Sahara, Rubicon) has small defects that can lead to big repair bills. The flange that stops the door from proceeding to open is not long enough to support the weight of the door with the spare tire mounted on it, especially if parked at a downward angle. We found out first hand that due to this flawed design the door opened far enough to crack the tail light cover and damage the exterior paint. Warranty or not, not every Chrysler dealership will honor this under warranty since Jeep will not admit fault to this hinge design leaving you vulnerable to hundreds of dollars of repair bills. We determined this would not happen to us again, nor should it to any other Jeep owners, so we came up with an easy alternative. The quick installation of Hi-Standard Racings Stainless Steel Hinge Support Bracket acts as a wedge, aiding the door and all of its weight from opening past the designed location. So why wait until it’s too late, when you can pick up a set of these support brackets for a fraction of the cost of the repair bills (not to mention save the hassle going to the dealership), and have them installed in under 10 minutes.